Our dozen properties - at CityGate in Naperville and throughout  DuPage County - with use spanning from office to education, retail to aviation, healthcare to hospitality, and restaurant to parking structures - comprise 1.2 million square feet, including 400,000 square feet of Class A Office at CityGate Centre. We have more than 25 acres ready for development.

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Class A Office

Leading businesses know the importance of attracting and retaining the best talent. CityGate Centre helps meet that challenge by offering its corporate tenants a superior workplace environment and the functionalities necessary to compete. Employees and visitors alike will be impressed by CityGate's modern architecture, smart office plates, and high-end technology.

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Flexible Solutions

CityGate Flex is our name for our Class A Flexible Solutions product: Solo offices or small group spaces with available long-  & short-term leases, ideal for remote entrepreneurs and remote employees.

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Restaurant, Retail, Hospitality & Healthcare

We don't just do offices. Our 31-acre CityGate campus is home to Naperville's only AAA Four Diamond hotel, restaurants, spa & fitness, and medical offices, and our off-site properties include those for special use.

Special-Use Properties

Calamos Real Estate has the breadth of experience to find a fit for all kinds of commercial property needs. Our real estate portfolio and managed properties include a DuPage Airport hangar, a downtown Chicago museum and the building currently occupied by DuPage Montessori School.